Board Announcements:

Mar. 26th 2019:

Please be advised that the property landscapers will be spraying for weeds throughout the property on a regular basis every Wednesday until further notice.


Homeowners & Residents

On this site you will find the latest info and resources for our community:

Find HOA Resources such as Rules and Regulations, By-Laws, CC&Rs, etc.

The Community area has local links and info for Tempe residents.

Neighborhod Safety –
WHAT YOU CAN DO to keep our neighborhood safe:

  • Turn outside lights ON, it is a proven deterrent. Be aware of suspisious activity and report anything strange to the police, nothing is too small.
  • Submit an extra patrol request through the City of Tempe website they will do extra patrols and vacation watches.

Monthly Board Meetings
Every third Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise notified) at 7 pm
Location: Las Brisas Clubhouse, 1815 South River Drive, Tempe. view map