Our Community

Quick Reference:
Tempe Police department – 480-350-8111
Graffiti Hotline – 480-350-8384


Your Las Brisas home is a major investment and each of us is a member of the
Homeowners Association. Our association is self-run by volunteer owners who serve on the Board of Directors or on committees that deal with a particular aspect of the community.

Unfortunately, only a few residents are doing the work and making the
decisions which affect every person in Las Brisas. The Board invites you to
get involved and help out in any way that is comfortable to you.

  • Attend a community meeting to see the Board in action and to have a say
    in the process. These meetings are usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
    at 7 PM in the clubhouse at 1815 S. River.
  • Join a committee to express your opinions about a subject that concerns you.
  • Use your skills or contacts to help on various projects.

Can you help with:

  • the newsletter?
  • handling the voice mail messages?
  • ideas on how our association should invest its money?
  • landscaping policies and/or coming out for a couple hours to help with
    small projects?
  • developing a budget?
  • administration of the Las Brisas web site?
  • maintaining a resident database or email distribution?
  • updating the association Rules and Regulations?
  • organizing and monitoring the maintenance requests so that everything
    gets done and residents are kept informed?

We all care about our homes and quality of life. A little effort helps protect your investment. Please call the association at 480-303-0251 and leave a message about how you could help. Someone will get back to you. The Board and all of Las Brisas thank you